14 – Five Things I Wish Bloggers Knew About YouTube with Meredith Marsh

February 7th, 2017

In Episode 14 of the VidPro Studio Show, I’m changing things up a little bit.

What I want to talk about today are some really common misconceptions that I see and hear a lot in conversations with bloggers – all kinds of bloggers. And I feel like there’s probably always a big uptick at the beginning of the year of people who say “I’m going to start doing videos and using video more” as part of a content strategy.

So I wrote an eBook last weekend, which I know sounds wacky but it’s more than I would have put in a blog post, and it just seemed ebook worthy. I wrote “10 Things I wish bloggers knew about YouTube” for my friends, and digital friends, and anyone who has been busy growing a blog, and who’d love to see audience growth this year. Remember in episode zero of the podcast I said I am a video content activist. I do believe that you should be doing video.


The book is a totally free download right now, at the time of this recording, and you can grab it at vidprostudio.com/ebook.

So, I am both a YouTuber and a blogger, and I am 100% positive that I would be neither right now, if I wasn’t the other. Let me explain:

They both feed off each other, and I put a lot of energy into YouTube, I pre-plan what I’m doing to say, what the topic is going to be, I do a lot of keyword research. It would be CRAZY for me to not also publish a blog post to go along with it. Not only do I want to have a place where my youtube viewers can do download a free printable or something, but just for SEO purposes… it’s a no-brainer.

So why isn’t creating videos to go along with your blog posts a no-brainer? I dive into that in the ebook.

Another thing I want to mention, that prompted to spend almost my entire Saturday writing, is that I always assume that successful YouTubers – people with a large audience, and lots of views, people who are making a living online through YouTube videos or in part due to creating videos online. I assume they have successful blogs too. I assume that they’re getting lots of traffic to their blogs and websites, and after asking around a bit and doing my own online stalking, I noticed that’s not necessarily the case.

There a lot of the bigger bloggers I know are getting tons of traffic but not doing any video; and I notice that bigger YouTubers I know are getting tons of views but very little traffic to their site.

And that piqued my interest because I’m seeing growth and engagement on both platforms, which is awesome because I really enjoy doing both. But I see a lot of bloggers ignoring video and YouTube completely, and not only that, I see bloggers really under-utilizing YouTube or just not setting themselves up for success there. So I wanted to give a little perspective for other bloggers out there who are thinking about doing video, or are trying to do video, or just are looking for new ways to attract and grow their audience.

So let’s get into it – in this episode, I’m going to dive into 5 of the 10 things in the book, but if you’re intrigued by any of this or it if helpful to you, be sure to snag the ebook for free at vidprostudio.com/ebook.

Shortlink to this page: http://bit.ly/vpshow014



  1. Luis

    HI Meredith, thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and experience with us.
    It is really interesting how facebook is very popular but a little bit tricky on the promotion side of the content. On the oher hand YouTube is a great platform, but I do not like all the restrictions they put onto videobloggers if you want to monetize your content.

    But at least both are free to use, and we have to be grateful for that, send you a big hug and keep up.

    • meredith

      Thank you Luis!


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