4 – Live Streaming as an alternative to blogging, PB&Js, and Bizle-what? w/ Tamsen Horton of Vacationing Life

4 – Tamsen Horton on Live Streaming as an alternative to blogging, PB&Js, and Bizle-what?

October 18th, 2016

In episode 4,  I talked with Tamsen Horton about lots of things, including the new book* she wrote with her husband, Chris, and how she uses live streaming after realizing that live video is the answer to being “horrible at blogging” (those her Tamsen’s words, not mine!).

Tamsen is an attorney who skipped the high-powered lawyer lifestyle for a family-friendly life that resembles more of a vacation than a law firm. Since she has a background in law, and she’s a wife and mom, she brings a unique perspective to the online business/entrepreneur space.

Show Notes

I already downloaded Tamsen and Chris’ book, Easy as PBJ and I read straight through it and love it. I highly recommend it to anyone, especially those with a family, who have ever wondered “hmm… what could I created if I had started an online business?”.

In this episode, one thing that Tamsen said really struck me, that I think is important for any kind of content creator: make great stuff so that it IS a destination, so people want to come to it.

Tamsen mentioned Holly Gillen, from Holly G Studios during our conversation. Holly has her own episode on the VidPro Studio Show! I will post a link here when it airs.

Chris & Tamsen’s book is available on amazon.

Recap & Takeaways

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