About Meredith Marsh & The VidPro Studio Show

About Meredith

meredithmarshWith a background in web design and a passion for crafting messages that inspire action, Meredith gets a kick out of creating content that attracts leads and converts sales. Meredith runs VidProMom, a YouTube channel and website teaching people how to create awesome hobby videos and family movies.

In 2008, Meredith started a full-time web design freelance business, working one-on-one with clients in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York. In 2013, she saw an opportunity to go deeper with online marketing and took a full-time position as Web Marketing Manager for a local, multi-million dollar manufacturing company. Her role at there involved many things: keeping tabs on the website, helping to launch new branches and product lines, blogging, Search Engine Optimization, and managing social media. Choosing to stay in beautiful Upstate New York, Meredith left her full-time job in 2016 after the company headquarters moved to Nashville, TN.

For more about Meredith and her story, be sure to catch Episode 0 of the VidPro Studio Show. Interested in working with Meredith? Click here to see what you can do together.

Meredith now works with small businesses and bloggers to increase online engagement, brand awareness–and ultimately, revenue–through consulting and web marketing services.

About The Show

VidPro-Studio-Show6The VidPro Studio Show is a weekly podcast hosted by Meredith Marsh, where she picks the brains of bloggers, YouTubers, and content creators of all types in pursuit of those often overlooked and underrated details that trigger audience growth and brand recognition online. With Season 1 guests like Beth Anne Schwamberger of Brilliant Business Moms, Stephanie Carls from My Savvy Life, Holly Gillen from Holly G Studios, and Jennifer Quinn from the Jenny Q Show, you’re bound to learn new tips for jumping that hurdle (or upping your game) to using video as a main platform in your business.

This podcast does have a special focus on video and video-related content, whether it’s YouTube, Facebook Live, Periscope, Snapchat, or the next big thing. But… there is more to doing video, than just “doing video.”

This podcast is designed to help you get over the hurdles that so often prevent online entrepreneurs and DIYers from actually DOING IT. Often, us Do It Yourself’ers settle for “not quite right, but I’ll live with it”. This podcast is here to teach you that you can not only Do It Yourself, You can do it well. Video, Blogging, Branding, Social Media… you can do it well, you can make it awesome, and you can win the internet.

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