18 – 5 Video Headaches You Can Stop Stressing Over Right Now

March 7th, 2017

In Episode 18 of the VidPro Studio Show, I recorded a solo show, but before I get into “5 video headaches you can stop stressing over right now”, let me tell you about something that’s going on next Wednesday because I’m really excited about it.

In Episode 11, way back in season 1 of the podcast, I interviewed Cristin Goss and she and I have actually put together a pitch-free webinar, on the 2 Type of Videos You Need to Create For The Biggest Impact. The webinar is on Wednesday, March 15th at 10am Eastern. I’m pretty sure there will be a replay, and I want to make it super clear, there is no pitch at the end of the webinar. We have no course or anything to sell you. We just put our brains together on an idea because – well, I’ll talk about it in a moment – but we just really wanted to touch base with our audiences in a live, interactive way.

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So, 2 Type of Videos You Need to Create For The Biggest Impact is next Wednesday, and you can grab you spot right here: http://vidpromom.com/cmwebinar

So the topic of today’s episode came about because if you’re in online business or content creation at all – blogging, YouTube, podcast, whatever, you probably know that it’s very common to ask or poll your audience and ask them what they’re struggling with. It gives you great insight into the topics and types of content you can create, that will actually benefit your audience, and help them solve or overcome the struggles around your niche or your topic.

And I notice some of the same things popping up when I ask this question, and when I see other people ask this question, and I always think… dude… why are you focusing on THAT instead of THIS.

So for example, number 1: I see people stressing over the fact that they don’t have a fancy intro screen or title sequence. And I always think… wow, if you spent half the amount of energy on just creating helpful content, instead of worrying about your title sequence (or you LACK of title sequence), you’d be so far ahead of where you’re at right now.

So if your intro, or title, or branded intro pre-roll opening credits – whatever you want to call it, if that is causing you stress, and keeping you from publishing… you can just not do it. You have my permission to just hop on camera and say “hi this is jane doe and today I’m going to show you x y and z”.

How about the “I don’t look like Marie Forleo” headache?

Yes she is gorgeous and funny and lovable and cute, and if one of your video headaches is that you don’t look like marie forleo, take a step back – and I think it goes without saying that she has an entire crew there to kick her natural beauty up a few notches, okay? – but it’s easy to look at someone like Marie and see their hair and the makeup and the set and overlook the fact that she is super freaking confident. She’s confident in her content and her message, and her mission. Right?

So here are some suggestions for gaining confidence if one of your headaches is that you don’t think look great on camera. Plan to shoot your videos the day you get your hair done… this is one of my favorite tips and I think it works for men too. You always look fabulous on that day. You think you don’t have a dedicated hair team… but you do… all you have to do is plan to shoot your videos when your hair is looking it’s best.

Another thing I will say, for the ladies listening, is don’t underestimate the amount of time it takes to put on makeup. I always mess this one up… I get set up to shoot a video, and then I’m like SHOOT I need to put on makeup, then I rush through it. Don’t rush through it. Put some energy and time into it. I like to use that time to think through what I’m about to say when the camera is rolling.

On the topic of Marie Forleo… how about this headache: “I don’t have a set like Marie Forleo, how can I possibly shoot a video”

Ummm… I shoot my videos in my living room, and sometimes on my enclosed porch, and I’ve done them in the kitchen, the half bath, and even my kids bedrooms.

So let’s talk about not having a set. I think instead of focusing on your surroundings… yes you should be aware of your background and what’s in view of the camera… but focus on what you can do to make sure YOU and your messages are the the focal point of your video.

You can do that with lighting… stand in front of a bay window, get a set of studio lights for a couple hundred bucks, or my favorite right now, a full-size ring light. Lighting goes a loooong way for your confidence too. When done right (or, at all, if you’re not using enough light to begin with), lighting is a miracle worker. Seriously.

Also your audio… invest external audio so that your sound great on video.

So if you’re stressing over your lack of a set, instead focus on the lighting and audio that’s on YOU so that you can deliver your content and feel confidence while doing it.

Video Headache number 4… editing my videos is complicated and takes all day.

So – full discloser – I actually kinda love editing videos, but… editing videos is the WORST when I wing my videos. What I mean by that is… when I know what I’m going to be talking about… but not really exactly what I need to say to get the message out there. When I haven’t planned out exactly what the main points that I’m trying to make, I spend WAY longer shooting, and then WAY longer editing. Because I have to sift through several minutes of footage that I might have re-started, or re-phrased at some point.

It’s a mess. And it does take all day.

So if editing is one of your headaches, and if it is… trust me, I hear you… Try this next time you’re going to shoot a video: make some notes (I use Asana for this) on what you you need to say in your intro, what you need to say in your outro, and then what are the MAIN POINTS of the content… you can riff of that if you want… but if you want to cut down on your editing headaches, pre-planning your videos is huge.

The last video headache is the “how do I make my video to go viral and get tons of views” headache. If this is your headache, here’s what I want you to ask yourself:

What is the desired outcome of DOING video?

Now I’m going to talk more about this on my webinar with Cristin, and actually we’re going to dive pretty deep into the different types and the different WHY’s of doing video.

But before you even THINK about editing, and title sequences, and sets and hair and makeup… you need to ask yourself what is the purpose of you creating videos? And there is no one right answer to that question… honestly… there is likely multiple answers to that question, but only you can answer that question.

So in next week’s webinar with Cristin and I, we’re giving you the 2 types of videos you NEED to create in order to make an impact with your video content, but not only that, we want you to walk away with clarity on how video applies to YOU and your content, or your business, or your blog. Because there is no one right way, or one right formula, and actually I’m working on a freebie for those that attend the webinar, and the freebie is called the “there is no formula” formula to creating videos.

So if you’re confused or feeling headachy about creating video content and how it applies to you, I hope you’ll join us for the webinar on March 15th – you can register at vidpromom.com/cmwebinar.

The sponsor for this episode in my “10 Things I Wish Bloggers Knew About YouTube” ebook, which is a totally free download that I wrote for my friends, digital friends, and anyone who has been busy growing a blog, and who’d love to see audience growth using video. It’s only about 20 pages, it’s totally free, and you can grab it at vidprostudio.com/ebook.


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