17 – Brittany Bullen on Infusing Your Personal Brand on Video

17 – Brittany Bullen on Infusing Your Personal Brand on Video

February 28th, 2017

In Episode 17 of the VidPro Studio Show, I chat with Brittany Bullen from nerdygirl.co and how she got my attention on social media specifically because of how she presents herself and injects her personal brand on video. You’ll hear me explain to Brittany how she got my attention on Facebook, with her funny, interesting videos. If there is anything that video does for your brand… is it gives you the opportunity to really stand out and be different as long as–and this is important–you actually do something on video that stands out. I think Brittany does an excellent job at this!

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Shortlink to this page: http://bit.ly/vpshow17



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